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We quit our job to travel the world. We slow travel by living in a place for at least a month before moving on to the next.

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Where and what to eat in Bali, Ubud

In the 2 months we spent in Bali, we saw that Bali is the perfect mix of local flavour and western food, with a good dose of healthy vegan food and smoothies. We enjoyed the vibe and food of Ubud so we thought we'd make a little list of all our favourite haunts in...

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Vietnam Visa for Indians

Visa for Vietnam is one of the easier visas to get for Indians. Where do I even start telling you about how amazing Vietnam is? Interesting history and culture, delicious food, even for vegetarians and vegans, crystal clear beaches, historical towns, mountains with...

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Urby Leather Passport Case Giveaway

What kind of passport cover/case do you use? I hadn’t been using one for the longest time, simply tossing my passport inside my bag. Really surprising since I use my passport a lot, so I should be taking a little more care of it! So when the folks at Urby reached out...

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Food Icon: Singapore’s Kaya Toast

WHAT IT IS Crunchy toast with sweet kaya jam and a huge chunk of savory butter. A dish of soft-boiled eggs on the side. Washed down with the best coffee or tea you ever tasted. Kaya toast is every Singaporean’s favorite breakfast. Although some prefer it for tea-time....

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Food, Fun & Motorbikes

In this post, I’m going to tell you about an incredible night we had recently, and one of the most fun things we did in our two months in Vietnam: The SAIGON FOODIE tour with XO Tours, a company that runs all female driven tours in the city. XO tours is not your...

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Neigbourhood: Keong Saik Road, Singapore

On our first trip to Singapore, we stayed at the stunning little art deco hotel in Keong Saik Road. So we explored every nook and corner of the Keong Saik Road and the nearby Chinatown to put together this colorful neighborhood guide to the historic and vibrant Keong...

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Singapore Visa for Indians

Indians love to visit Singapore. And rightly so, Singapore is Delightful! Whether it is a trip to visit family or to explore the tiny country state, Singapore in one of the top picks for Indians. The reasons could be the close proximity, the familiarity in language...

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The one thing I want in a PHONE

My work requires me to be online a lot. A LOT! I’m not kidding: taking photos, shooting videos, sending and replying to emails, updating my social media, talking to my followers, research on the go,  uploading photos, using maps for directions, and so on. You can...

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