My work requires me to be online a lot. A LOT! I’m not kidding: taking photos, shooting videos, sending and replying to emails, updating my social media, talking to my followers, research on the go,  uploading photos, using maps for directions, and so on. You can clearly see why BATTERY LIFE is the most important thing I want in a phone. I need my phone to have an incredible battery life, a piece of technology that fits in seamlessly in my life of full time travel. I used to carry my DSLR, my go pro and my phone. I recently got a chance to try the Asus Zenfone 3 Max,  and it has certainly reduced the number of gadgets I carry and made my life simpler. Rather than carry a lot of different gadgets on the go, I can now have all the multi- functional technologies and stay connected with my world, constantly. I recently got to try the Asus Zenfone 3 Max, here’s my take on it.

None of the photos in this post are edited, the photos are actually this good! 😉

Taken with the Zenfone at mid afternoon, with natural lighting

Power packed ZenFone with Incredible Battery Life

The ZenFone 3 Max is equipped with a massive 4100 mAh battery, able to double up as a power bank to charge other digital devices; and perfect for battery-draining activities like mapping, navigation, video recording during our travels.


Taken with the Zenfone at Dusk

Incredible Camera

To aid me in my obsession to document our travels with pictures and videos, the Asus Zenfone 3 has a 13MP pixel Master camera and 5 MP front camera. The HDR mode expands the dynamic range by four times and enhances brightness by 400%. The Low Light mode also ensures clear and bright photos even in poor lighting conditions. 

Here’s a photo in the dark with no artificial lighting:

Taken with the Zenfone at night

Low Light photography

Don’t shy away from taking photos in the dark. Using shadows and darkness and using the right tools to edit your photos, you can create beautifully contrasted images. Don’t use the flash. Use high ISO. You can adjust the amount of light in the photo by tapping anywhere on the screen. Want to add more light to your image? Tap the darkest shadows on your screen. Want to get more shadow? Tap the brightest part of the screen.

Fingerprint Security

I hate having to key in a security coed and unlock my phone, when I need to take a picture spontaneously. The fingerprint security of the ZenFone 3 Max is another feature that makes it perfect for me! I don’t want to risk any potential data loss, so instead having to enter the password to open my phone every single time, I can easily swipe it open with the fingerprint lock feature.


And I get all of this, at the price point of 12, 999 which works out perfectly for me!

 The ZenFone 3 Max retails from 12,999 INR onwards. If you would like to get your hands on the product you can find it here.

What phone do you use? Tell me in the comments below!