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Second Breakfast was created in winter 2015 to document all the big (and little) things in my life. I created this site to inspire you to make travel a part of your everyday lifestyle. On Second Breakfast you will find: travel stories, travel hacks, insider tips, practical advice, goof ups, and all that things I’m always eating.



I wish I was fancy enough to hire someone to write me a professional about me page. Turns out, even the most fanciest writers write these themselves. So, here we go…

Hi. Hello. My name is Ruchika Shankar. I wear glasses, which occasionally leads people to think I know things. This is false. Aside from that, I’ve lived in a bunch of cities all over the country, and as a child (and once as a grown-up) have accidentally set fires in some of them.

Then I grew up (kind of), gained a few kgs and went to law school. I worked for a law firm, lawyering away night and day before I realized that I don’t like conference calls, contract clauses or excel spreadsheets even a little bit. I thought it would be like Suits, being all important and dressy and flinging files everywhere and speaking in cliffhangers. It wasn’t.

After three years of lawyering, I started working on a career I might love. After some experimenting, I chanced upon writing, content strategy, travelling, blogging and social media. I currently work full-time on Second Breakfast, and also take up freelance assignments. Want to work with me?

In my spare time, I’m looking for snacks, making friends with strays, blending stuff and taking photos and making videos. From this page you can probably tell that 3 of my favourite things are animals, eating and exploring.

I’m on a round the world trip with my husband. (we’re currently in Vietnam) In November 2015, we gave up our home, sold all our stuff, packed our life into a suitcase and set off to see the world. (More info here) Come join us on our adventures! Or send me an email: ruchika@secondbreakfast.in



I love one-way tickets and living out of a suitcase. I love both spontaneous escapes and extensively planned vacations. I love discovering a city’s secret that I didn’t read about on the Internet AND the classic wonders. I love eating and exploring the local cuisine: street food, rooftop bars, what breakfast is eaten in another part of the world, various forms of caffeine, desserts, etc. I like to take it slow, get under the skin of a new place, without a hurried checklist. I take my work on the road, and I’m currently strategizing becoming a full-time digital nomad. I have big plans to travel the world in search of adventure.


Do you want to work with me? You should, some people are saying I’m very good. 🙂 I love working with brands and individuals that are a perfect fit for Second Breakfast. Shoot me an email. I can’t wait to get started.


I love hearing from readers. If you have any questions, requests, or suggestions, do not hesitate to email me at ruchika@secondbreakfast.in and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Come hang out with me on Instagram: @ruchikashankar

Let us celebrate planning a trip, buying plane tickets, packing our suitcases, filling our hearts with dreams and exploring our backyards and beyond. I try my best to keep the content authentic and inspirational. Thank you for stopping by my little space on the interwebz. I hope you stick around. ❤