I wake up bright and early on what turned out to be a very very sunny day in Bangkok, Thailand ready to explore and eat all things new and unfamiliar. On a walk down a meandering little street in Ratchathewi on a blistering afternoon, among the many street carts selling various creatures freshly procured from the nearby Chao-praya river, I see a tiny Thai fellow of about twenty. His name is Jay. He is selling, of all things – French crepes! “No English”, he’ll announce to all the sweaty touristy faces; almost as though he can tell I’m about to utter something in the language of my country’s colonizer. He may not know a word of English, but the ease with which he quickly makes a crepe and pockets his money will totally amaze even the most pretentious French type. And I’m completely smitten of course.

bangkok steet food crepe street food thailand

{the magical crepe, please excuse my nails and also the fact that I have nibbled the top of the crepe before photo time}

jap crepe bangkok street food

{Jay, the crepe guy}

I choose a crepe with blueberry preserve and chocolate sauce. As I’m sitting on a nearby stoop eating it, I see a guy get a savory version, with eggs, soy and chili. It doesn’t take much to guess that I tried that next. And then another with nutella and banana. You can point and choose various toppings, from nutella to fresh berries to whipped cream to shaved coconut or even make it a Thai crepe with red chili paste, fish or meat and so on.

crepe bangkok street food

The next morning, I’m back in that little street hoping to get my crepe fix. Jay is not there. I get sad. So I wander around the area, there are cute little cafes and massage parlours, the beautiful Jim Thompson house and restaurant, but no Jay. Just as I’m about to head to the station to catch a train out of there, Jay appears with his cart of magic. I explain to him in as best as I can that I was looking for him all morning in all the lanes in the area. “Awwww” he says. He only shows up after three. And this is his spot. I have it pinned on the map and I send it to whoever tells me they’re going to Bangkok. Jay is sweet. I wish he were famous on the interwebz. The noodles and thai curries and seafood are incredible of course, but the buttery soft golden crepe is what you’ll remember days later while trying to create one in your kitchen and failing miserably.