This year, I’m going to build Second Breakfast into my dream job. But before I book another one way ticket and take off, there are a few things I need to do to up my game. I have here a list of things that I’m doing to get started on making January 2016 a month of focus and productivity. Here’s a list of 15 productive things that I’m doing for my career…

  1. Make a list of last year’s achievements and come up with a few goals for this year. I’m going to use this list to put them in my resume and go on a hunt.
  2. Get in touch with an old mentor. Mail or call an old mentor or colleague who inspired me in some way and let them know that they did. And make sure to Stay In Touch.
  3. Give my resume a makeover. Tweaking my resume for every position that I apply for. I know this person who sent a 11 page resume for a writing gig. (Yes 11!). My resume is one page and contains all I’ve done since 2011. And in case you’re wondering, Mr. 11 page didn’t get the job. Here’s where you can find some beautiful templates to revamp your resume. And some tips on how to craft the perfect resume. It’s not just your resume. Update your personal website. If you don’t have a website then get one already. It’s 2016.
  4. Clean out my inbox. Not just the old junk I’m never going to get around to opening. No archiving, just deleting. I just cleared out a lot of crap, which included Uber receipts, Facebook comments, email alerts from all the airlines. Also, I unsubscribed from all the newsletters and mails that you don’t ever remember signing up for. Use to keep your inbox clutter free. 
  5. Get a (professional) makeover. I need a haircut. And a wardrobe update. Take advantage of the January sale season, people. Investing in quality items that are work appropriate and don’t make me compromise on my personal style. Here’s some inspiration for men. And ladies, I will be soon putting together a post on how to dress like Anne Hathway on The Intern.
  6. Organize my work desk. I will not sweeping all the clutter into my desk drawer. Get some pretty flowers. An inspirational quote framed. A candy bowl. Creating a space that I would love to sit down and be productive.
  7. Fix my social media. Treating myself as a personal brand. Come across as an intelligent, rational and socially aware personal on social media. And it wouldn’t hurt at all if prospective employers googled me.
  8. Ask someone I admire for coffee or lunch. It’s called a professional crush. (It’s really not it’s just me only I call it that but it’s a thing). Surprisingly, this works really well.
  9. Take care of my health. Eating properly. Getting fit. The fitter I am the more energy my brain will have to deal with cretins.
  10. Sleep properly. You are not 21 anymore. You can’t stay up all night with your drunken friends and show up to class the next day and finish that paper. I’m going to stick to a sleep schedule. You should too. Your body will thank you.
  11. Pick one or more skills that I want to work on this year and making it a priority to put aside time to work on them.
  12. Prepare answers to the most common interview questions. A lot of time, I’ve left interviews feeling like I should’ve said this and this and I didn’t. You don’t have to sound like you’re rattling out a rehearsed speech. But I want to answer these questions confidently. And that comes with practice. Here are some of the most common interview questions.
  13. Read more. It turns out people’s attention spans have just dropped to 8 seconds. What a sad thing for humanity that is. I don’t want to be the idiot who keeps putting crap into apps where it disappears. I want to read something of value. Something that makes me think. If you’re not the reading type, listen. Start with some TED talks.
  14. I used to be so averse to the idea of networking. I didn’t know how to even start. But it doesn’t’ have to be so daunting. Networking is just a big word for reaching out to people in your industry/people you admire and making friends. And strengthening your already established relationships. We need to get coffee or lunch with these people. See point 8.
  15. Being a supportive friend. Celebrate my friends’ wins. No matter how big or small they are. Being understanding of their choices. Introducing them to people I think they might enjoy talking to. Encouraging them to pursue things they’ve been sitting on for a while. When I started this blog, my friends rallied around me, gave me honest feedback, liked and shared all my posts on social media. I’d do the same for them.

So, I’ve already started on quite a few of these. How many of these will you do? Would you want to add any more to this list?

Now, back to snuggling. ❤

cat snuggle