Antony Bourdain is pretty great and all that, and so are those travel fashion blogger types who do multiple countries with like 17 bags, and a person in another bag who lives in there and only steps out to do their hair; but there are some pretty adventurous women who are writing things. I love reading a good travel story as much as I love telling one, so here’s a list of some of the really awesome travel memoirs by some really incredible women. Hopefully, mine will be on a list like this someday. But for now, let’s travel the world back and forth several times while sitting in the office.

  1. Wild, Cheryl Strayed

cheryl strayed wildThere’s Reese Witherspoon and an Oscar and some cute guy but THE BOOK CAME FIRST (yelling voice). At twenty-two, Cheryl hits rock bottom. Her mother dies of cancer, she gets divorced and falls into a deep pit of substance abuse. Feeling like she has nothing left to lose, she impulsively decides to hike the 1100 mile Pacific Crest Trail despite having no training. She loses most of her toenails, swallows her mother’s ashes and teaches us that strength can be found in the unlikeliest of places if only we’re brave enough to look.

  1. What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding, Kristin Newman

what i was doing while you were breeding kristin newman

The one (and only) thing you need to know about Kristin is that she is hilarious. She was a writer on the How I Met Your Mother. ending aside, you know that show was funny. This is her first novel. Much like my friends, Kristen’s friends are all getting married and spawning, so obviously she decides to travel the world, fall in love with cute foreigners and write all about it.

  1. The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost, Rachel Freidman

rachel friedman the good girls guide to getting lost

The one thing we all have in common with Rachel is that we all want to drop everything and move to Ireland. Rachel’s really unhappy with her life and runs off to Ireland to get lost and subsequently finds herself. But not before she travels to Australia and South America. Read if you need a little bit of #adventure.

  1. Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure, Sarah MacDonald 

holy cow sarah macdonald

When twenty-something Sarah Macdonald backpacked around India, she decided she’d never return to the land of swirling poverty and pollution. But then fast forward eleven years later, her boyfriend gets a job in India, so she comes with him and decides to document all her adventures from the night clubs in Delhi to finding spirituality. If you love reading about your country from the perspective of a foreigner, in this case, Australian, this makes for a great read.

5.   Displacement – A Travelogue, Lucy Knisley

lucy knisley displacement

In this graphic travelogue, Lucy (literally) paints a portrait of her adventures when she decides to accompany her grandparents on a cruise. It’s a sweet story of how Lucy tries to connect with her grandparents and learns compassion while learning how to deal with her frustrations and fears.

  1. Around India in 80 Trains, Monisha Rajesh

monisha rajesh around india in 80 trains

Monisha’s family moves to Chennai (!!) from England, learns their lesson and moves back to England. Twenty years later, Monisha’s back, ready to brave a 40,000 km adventure in India on Indian trains. No better way to get to know the country than travelling by train. There’s a lot of colorful characters, religion and apparently some drama. I think I’ll read this on my train ride somewhere in the east of India this weekend.

So. Clicking on each book magically leads you to a place where you can buy them. Have you read any of these? Do you have any recommendations? I’d love to know.

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