The difference between being a tourist and a traveller is just intuitive everyday behaviour. This is a list of the things to do differently the next time you travel. Use this list to get the most out of each country and culture.

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  • Try a solo trip to a place you’ve never been before.
  • Try to save some of your budget to spend the last two days of vacation in a swanky hotel; with maybe a jacuzzi right inside your room. 😉
  • If you’re travelling with a friend/partner, split up and do your own thing for a while.
  • Watch a play or live event even if you don’t understand the language.
  • Visit the neighbourhood supermarket to see the different kinds of products on offer. Even the trivial things like strange breakfast cereals is exciting.
  • Always find out how people consume tea/coffee at different times of the day. Tea/coffee etiquettes differ from country to country.
  • Frequent a coffee shop/café everyday of your vacation and chat with the staff.
  • Always check out the local public transport.
  • Find a spot high above the ground, like a rooftop bar or a hill near the city to find great views of the city.
  • Find a novel or any book about the country/city and read it on the way.
  • Try a cooking class to learn how to make a local dish.
  • Look in local bookstores for a book/magazine about the place as a souvenir to take home.
  • Go on a day or two trip to hidden gems outside the city or two.
  • Do a food crawl. Start with some street food, cocktails at another place, appetizers in another, main course in another and dessert at another.
  • Watch local tv programs.
  • Pack less. Like half of what you’d usually bring.
  • Focus on one locality. Explore cafes, shops, grocery stores and street in just one locality. You’ll feel like a local for a while.
  • Keep a journal and document every day of your trip.


1. Ray, Weech”s World: Keep an eye open for a pickup game of soccer/football and try to get involved with the game. Soccer is a universal language and one of the easiest ways to embrace yourself into the local culture. From there, who knows where your next adventure will lead to with your newfound friends? Use the app Jobago to discover who is playing soccer around.

2. Deepika, Feet on the Map: I would add- switch off wi-fi and probably ditch the Snapchats, Instagrams, FB for one trip. Sometimes it is ok- not to share your travels live with everybody. Instead just enjoy it for yourself. Once- go camping. Live in a local’s house. Maybe try their wear?

What have you learned in your travels? Did you agree or disagree with any of these? What would you add to this list? I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear! ❤

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