On our recent visit to Singapore, we had the pleasure of checking into this unique art deco award winning luxury boutique hotel called Hotel 1929. Located in Singapore’s bustling Chinatown, Hotel 1929 has a quirky mix of old world charm and modern surprises.

The hotel building is a heritage building. It consists of conserved shophouses built in 1929. Situated in a corner of the street, the hotel building is triangle shaped and hence adds an interesting structure to the insides. I have a special attachment to this hotel because the owner of the property used to be a lawyer! When he saw this old heritage building, he decided it had the potential to be something more. He immediately placed a bid and bought the property. And this charming little boutique hotel was created.

It has 32 rooms furnished with unique design elements. The walls of the corridors are lined with black and white photos of olden day Singapore from the 20th century. The owner also loves to collect chairs, and all around the property and in the rooms you’ll see some wonderful and weird chairs. I really loved the chair collection, from the straight-backed wooden pieces to the barbershop chairs to chairs that looked like giant mushrooms or coconut shells. I wanted to sit in all of them!


There are 5 categories of rooms:

  1. Superior Single: perfect for the solo traveler.
  2. Superior Deluxe: perfect for the couple who spend most of their day exploring
  3. Deluxe: this is the one we chose, perfect for lazy mornings in bed followed by long days of exploring and a blissful night of sleep in the comfiest bed
  4. Junior suite: perfect if you’re traveling with a friend, two single beds and a gorgeous cast iron tub right in your room!
  5. Terrace Suite: their best offering. A terrace suite with a bathtub under the stars, rooftop verandas, and a queen bed.

The Hotel Snack Bar: One of my favorite things in the hotel was this all day complimentary snack bar located in the lobby. You could try traditional Singapore biscuits, candy and fruit juices.

The hotel also gives you a mobile phone. This phone is available for every room type. It comes pre installed with important information about metro lines and buses, useful phone numbers, all the attractions, recommended restaurants, and activities.  Basically all the info you’ll ever need! The best part is you can carry it around with you while exploring and use it as a wifi hot spot for your phone.


This breakfast at their in-house bistro called Bistro November was the healthiest we have eaten in a while. Fluffy omelets, the best crusty rye bread, chia seed pudding, yogurt with plums, banana bread with lemon butter, fruits and a huge selection of teas and coffees.

The bistro changes every year. This year it’s a contemporary neighborhood bistro featuring this breakfast; wines cheese and charcuterie delights seven days a week until the end of 2017. And then it will change for the new year.


The location of the hotel is just perfect. Minutes after stepping out of the hotel is the bustling Chinatown, filled with giddying delights of both the edible and non-edible kind. While Singapore is known for its high-rise building and modern facades, the neighborhood surrounding the hotel is bursting with history and culture, with hidden gems, shops, temples, eateries, and bars.


  • Chinatown Food Street: Chinatown has many restaurants and stalls serving the best local delicacies.
  • Maxwell Food Centre: This happens to be the best hawker centre in Singapore and my favorite. You have to try the iconic national dish of Singapore: the Hainanese chicken rice here at the Tian Tian stall.
  • The Library: A chic speakeasy cocktail bar right around the hotel, it has a very nice atmosphere in the evenings, filled with young locals and foreigners.


  • Chinatown Street Market: The market in filled with classic items and souvenir, and gift items, along with clothes shoes and toys. Don’t come back without stocking up on tiger balm.
  • Everton Park: Filled with trinkets and treasures, and hardly any tourists, this is the place to find some made-in-Singapore products if you like something unique.


  • Mariamman Temple: One of Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple, with incredible architecture.
  • Buddha Tooth Relic Temple: a Buddhist temple to house a single tooth of the Buddha, this temple is incredible from the architecture point of view and also does a lot of work fro the terminally ill and disabled people.


Would you like to stay at the 1929? Such a fantastic drop of luxury and quirk in the Garden city! What do you think? Let me know in the comments!