8 Food Photography Tips for Instagram

There was a time when the only reason to take pictures of your food was if your glowering nutritionist demanded you show them every single thing you were eating. Now taking photos of food is totally acceptable. It is a part of our culture. You don’t have to be a blogger, photographer, chef or nutritionist’s […]

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Banh Mi in Bangkok

Thursday afternoon in Bangkok, a couple of blocks from the EM District Mall, the sky turns from blue to greyish, although the sun still beats down. The monsoon is almost upon us, as we make our way to Banh Mi Bo, a nondescript Banh Mi joint housed in an open 3 floor building which also […]

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The Best Thing I ate in Bangkok

I wake up bright and early on what turned out to be a very very sunny day in Bangkok, Thailand ready to explore and eat all things new and unfamiliar. On a walk down a meandering little street in Ratchathewi on a blistering afternoon, among the many street carts selling various creatures freshly procured from the […]

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